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Subscription members:

  1. Admission fee (non-refundable) — INR 1,00,000/- (One lac)
  2. Security Deposit (refundable, non-interest bearing) — INR 4,00,000/- (Four lacs)
  3. Subscription (payable annually in advance) — INR 6,000/- (Six thousand) per year

Owner members (cost of Dwelling Units)

  1. Deluxe hotel room — INR 11,00,000/- (Eleven lacs)
  2. Premium hotel room — INR 14,00,000/- (Fourteen lacs)
  3. Luxury hotel room — INR 19,00,000/- (Nineteen lacs)
  4. Studio Apt — INR 15,00,000/- (Fifteen lacs)
  5. 1 BHK — INR 18,00,000/- (Eighteen lacs)
  6. 1 BHK+ — Rs. 20,00,000/- (Twenty lacs)
  7. Cottage & Villas — to be quoted separately based on land and constructed area depending upon choice of the member. If the demand is substantial, more land adjoining the existing land can be acquired.

Payment terms

  1. Registration for membership — INR 25,000/- (Twenty-Five thousand)
  2. Cost of land — 30% of the value of property
  3. Balance – linked to construction — 15% at each milestone in 4 installments
  4. At the time of possession — 10%
  5. 1 & 2 are payable ab-initio to become a member
  6. Ex-servicemen, senior Citizens and women will be given a discount of 5%
  7. These prices are valid till 31 Aug 2017


Investment Analysis: Lansdowne Club and Vacation Homes

(To be read with-Lansdowne Club and Vacation Homes dated 01 Oct 2017)


1. On the average the rooms will be occupied for 100 days as under:-

  1. 2½ months of holidays—school holidays particularly — 75 days
  2. half of regular weekends 2 days each — 52 days
  3. 6 long weekends — 3 days each 18 days
  4. Dushehra — 10 days
  5. New Year — 4 days
  6. Marriages, seminars, parties birthdays etc. — 05 days
  7. Total 164 days


2. Average room rates can be assumed as under

  1. Deluxe — ₹2,000 per day
  2. Premium — ₹3,000 per day
  3. Luxury — ₹4,000 per day
  4. Studio Apt — ₹4,500 per day
  5. 1 BHK — ₹5,500 per day
  6. 1 BHK+ — ₹6,500 per day

3. 50% of earning is spent by the club in its running and upkeep and 50% is paid back to investor.

4. Full earning will be reached after 2 years of completion of the construction. Payment to the investor will commence only after 2 years from the commencement of operation.

5. With the above assumptions rate of return works out to be 13.4% p.a. This may be assumed to rise by 10% per year compounding every year.

6. Assuming appreciation of the property @10%+ per year flat an overall IRR can be assumed to be 28% per annum and the payback period will be just about 3½ years.

Contact Details

Delhi Office:

Brig. Krishna Nandan, VSM

C-73, Air India Apartments, Plot-9, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078

Mobile: +91.9910303638  Email: brigknandan@gmail.com


Shatrughan Sharma

Mobile: +91.9810680029





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In order to manage the initial activities of “Lansdowne club and vacation homes” a private limited company –SKN Energy Infra Ventures Pvt Ltd- has been formed. Brig Krishna Nandan VSM is the CEO of this company. Lansdowne Club and vacation Homes will be a unit of this Co till such time it is well-established and capable of running as an independent unit in the form of a Company, Society or a Trust, whatever is decided by the members.

Payment Mode

All payments may be made to this company:

Bank: ICICI Bank

Branch: Dwarka Sector-12, New Delhi-110075

Current Account: 342805000066

IFSC: ICIC0003428