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Motto is “Lifelong holiday with lifelong rentals – no limits, no timeshare

Membership by-laws (Tentative)

The membership will be of three types:

1. Subscription membership

Members will be admitted based on an admission fee and annual fee. They will not own any property of the club but will be entitled to use the facilities of the club at fixed concessional rates say – club rates (50% of prevailing rates indicatively). As this club will be affiliated with other clubs in the country and abroad, these members will be able to use them on reciprocal basis. Members of other affiliated clubs will also be allowed to use this club on club rates with a temporary Membership charge on daily basis as per the prevalent norms in the clubs’ fraternity.

2. Owner membership

These members will be permanent members of the club. They will not pay any admission or recurring fee. They will own the type of accommodation they have paid for. They will be allowed to stay in these free of cost for any duration, at anytime lifelong with family. They will however pay for the F & B consumed by them. No subscription will be charged to them. When they are not using their accommodation, it will be used by the club in the home-stay format and a part of the earning as may be decided will be paid to them lifelong.

They will be entitled to transfer their rights & privileges to their children/legal heir. However, sale to a third party will need concurrence of the Club Management. This is to ensure homogenous and respectable membership of the club. Club may decide to purchase the property from the owner-member, if it is mutually agreed at a market value. The club will have first right of refusal to buy such property.

3. Corporate Membership

Any Corporate body can book any of the two types of membership not exceeding five of each i.e. 5 of subscription type of members and 5 of ownership memberships. The rates will remain the same as mentioned below as an initial incentive. Names of beneficiaries among their members will however need to be indicated, which can be changed by corporate body with intimation to the club. Some other offers for corporate like arrangement of meetings, seminars and conferences, holiday incentives, etc can also be conducted in consultation with the corporate body.

Detailed Byelaws in respect of these & other managing issue will be formed in due course.


Subscription members:

  1. Admission fee (non-refundable) — ₹1,00,000/- (One lac)
  2. Security Deposit (refundable, non-interest bearing) — ₹4,00,000/- (Four lacs)
  3. Subscription (payable annually in advance) — ₹6,000/- (Six thousand) per year

Owner members (cost of Dwelling Units)

  1. Deluxe hotel room — ₹11,00,000/- (Eleven lacs)
  2. Premium hotel room — ₹14,00,000/- (Fourteen lacs)
  3. Luxury hotel room — ₹19,00,000/- (Nineteen lacs)
  4. Studio Apt — ₹20,00,000/- (Twenty lacs)
  5. 1 BHK — ₹22,00,000/- (Twenty-two lacs)
  6. 1 BHK+ — ₹25,00,000/- (Twenty-five lacs)
  7. Cottage & Villas — to be quoted separately based on land and constructed area depending upon choice of the member. If the demand is substantial, more land adjoining the existing land can be acquired.

Payment terms:

  1. Registration for membership — ₹25,000/- (Twenty-Five thousand only)
  2. Cost of land — 30% of the value of property
  3. Balance — linked to construction — 15% at each milestone in 4 installments
  4. At the time of possession — 10%
  5. 1 & 2 are payable ab-initio to become a member
  6. Ex-servicemen, senior Citizens and women will be given a discount of 5%
  7. These prices are valid till 31 Dec 2017

Contact Details

Delhi Office:

Brig. Krishna Nandan, VSM

C-73, Air India Apartments, Plot-9, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078

Mobile: +91.9910303638  Email: brigknandan@gmail.com


Shatrughan Sharma

Mobile: +91.9810680029




In order to manage the initial activities of “Lansdowne club and vacation homes” a private limited company –SKN Energy Infra Ventures Pvt Ltd- has been formed. Brig Krishna Nandan VSM is the CEO of this company. Lansdowne Club and vacation Homes will be a unit of this Co till such time it is well-established and capable of running as an independent unit in the form of a Company, Society or a Trust, whatever is decided by the members.

Payment Mode

All payments may be made to this company:

Bank: ICICI Bank

Branch: Dwarka Sector-12, New Delhi-110075

Current Account: 342805000066

IFSC: ICIC0003428