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Lansdowne Club & Vacation Homes


Brig Krishna Nandan VSM

(93 km Milestone, Village Jaletha, Lansdowne, Distt. Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand)


Our motto is “Lifelong holiday with lifelong rentals – no limits, no timeshare


Background Thought Process

The Life in Delhi is difficult primarily on two counts, firstly, distances and traveling woes causing discomfort and waste of time, and secondly, high level of pollution round the year, thus greatly reducing the quality of life. However Delhi has lot of advantage, like job opportunities, educational facilities, medical support system, communication with rest of the country and abroad, kith and kin nearby and so on. After all Delhi is the capital of India. Many of us live here unwillingly, under compelling circumstances, with no choice.

In spite of the two conflicting scenarios large no of people live in Delhi and more are pouring in at all level of social status. No of vehicles particularly cars are too many in Delhi, more than all metros put together. Delhi weather is extreme. Most of Delhites, though want to live in Delhi, but wish to run away from here as frequently as possible for a breather or a long vacation if the situation permits. Thus most of the hill stations of North India in summer are getting choked year by year and their market places and eating joints resemble Nehru Place. Prices are shooting to unaffordable levels, forcing to return to Delhi much earlier than planned. Most of the hill stations also involve driving a distance of 300-700 Kms, needing a night halt in between if you travel by your own car.

Where should we go?

I have been travelling quite often to several places looking for a solution to meet the challenges mentioned above. I have, during my travel and stay at these stations tried to evaluate these locations based on the following criteria:

  1. 1. It should be as close as possible to Delhi, say about 4-6 hrs of drive, so that you can start after a meal at home and have the second meal at the destination, with a snack or tea in between. Overnight stay should be avoidable.
  2. Must be clean.
  3. The weather should be moderate so that children and senior citizens also enjoy equally well and for a longer duration.
  4. It should have a good drive with no possibility of road-blocks etc.
  5. It should be least crowded.
  6. Basic support faculties for some shopping, accommodation, transport, medical, communication, etc. should be available.
  7. Law & order should be good.
  8. Cost of construction and living should be affordable even for long stay.

From the above standpoint, I have selected Lansdowne in Pauri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand based on the following attributes:

  1. It is just 238 kms from New Delhi via Ghaziabad, Meerut, Bijnor, Najibabad, Kotdwara. It is the nearest hill station from Delhi (a question for Kaun Banega crorepati) This station has only 38 Kms of hill drive from Kotdwara to Lansdowne.
  2. It is on the national highway 119(534) from Kotdwara to Pauri- Srinagar and on to Badrinath-Mana.
  3. The height of the place is 5700 ft, not too low, not too high. It snows once in a while and has no extremes. Winter is cold but sunny and clear, summer is pleasant. No high altitude sickness. It is very green with full of jungle of pine and deodar trees with no dearth of oxygen.
  4. It is an old British-era Military cantonment. Garhwal Rifles Regiment Centre (GRRC) is located here. It has been adjudged as the cleanest hill station of the country last year.
  5. Most of the points of tourist importance are located in the cantonment and hence are maintained and managed well. The station is managed by Lansdowne Cantonment board (LCB).
  6. The cantonment area has markets and other facility but the accommodation and hotels are very limited and no additional private buildings can come up. Most of the accommodation and other facility are coming near and beyond the boundaries of the cantonment. This also helps to ensure that there is no crowd in the central place. Over the last few years when people have come to know of it, the facilities have started coming up. However basic culture of old military cantonment remains within the station.
  7. A few snaps of Lansdowne are placed on the website for ease of viewing. More details of Lansdowne can be seen on several other websites.

What do we do?

Keeping the above in mind I started looking for place for establishment of “Lansdowne Club and vacation homes” to meet the requirements mentioned above, in the nearby vicinity of Lansdowne Cantt and still not very expensive. We chanced upon a site, which was planned for a resort but due to some personal reason, was not followed up for further execution. We have negotiated for this site and got into an agreement of sale with the owner and paid him the required advanced money with a promise that we shall conclude the registration by 31 Aug 2017. We have got the land identified and boundaries marked with the help of Patwari and Kanungo from the local Lansdowne Tehsil office. Further with the help of team of surveyors’ we have also got the contour survey done to help planning of the structures. Some salient features of the plot are as under:-

  1. The area is approximately 2400 sq yds (10 nalies).
  2. It is located on the highway from Lansdowne to Rinikhial (Tarkeshwar) – Nainital at Kmstone 93 (near Jaletha village 5 kms from cantt toll booth at Deriyakhal). The plot is located on the valley side of the road. The plot is located alongside the highway with a frontage of about 100 meters. The max depth is approx 38 meters. The height variation between the highest and lowest point of site is about 30 meters.
  3. Permission for temporary electric connection and jungle cutting has been obtained.
  4. 10 members on ownership basis have already joined us, based on the mailers which I had sent earlier to my circle of friends. Other like-minded people have to make up their mind to join the club.

Timelines proposed:

  1. Provision of temp power connection – Done
  2. Registration of plot in our names – Done
  3. Cutting of few trees to make place for structure -Done
  4. Provision of water supply -31 Oct 2017
  5. Provision of sewage and water harvesting -31 Oct 2017
  6. Construction of 4 or 6 studio appt type cottages as samples – 31 Dec 2017
  7. Commencement of Construction of 16 cottages in 4 blocks – 30 Apr 2018
  8. Commencement of Construction of Main Hotel Building – 18 Jun 2019

Though the actual build out of the facilities in full, may take about 2-3 years, we plan to commence some token activities with the basic facilities for comfortable living towards the beginning of next season say by Mar 2018.

Contact Details

Delhi Office:

Brig. Krishna Nandan, VSM

C-73, Air India Apartments, Plot-9, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078

Mobile: +91.9910303638  Email: brigknandan@gmail.com


Shatrughan Sharma

Mobile: +91.9810680029




These sites have just been constructed and more details are being put in. Will be fully functional shortly.

In order to manage the initial activities of “Lansdowne club and vacation homes” a private limited company –SKN Energy Infra Ventures Pvt Ltd- has been formed. Brig Krishna Nandan VSM is the CEO of this company. Lansdowne Club and vacation Homes will be a unit of this Co till such time it is well-established and capable of running as an independent unit in the form of a Company, Society or a Trust, whatever is decided by the members.